Philip Paz 
5'8 165   Bald  Green Eyes

Gill Hayes Talent Agency
Chicago, Atlanta, NYC
(773) 565-4422
Unusual Suspects Guest Star Discovery ID
People Magazine Investigates Guest Star Discovery ID
Final Act - short film Lead Director: Philip Paz
Twenty Two - short film Lead Director Philip Paz
The Messenger - short film Lead Director: Philip Paz
No Rest For The Wicked Supporting Director: Jason Smolesky
Carbon Lead Director: Hartley Powell
Tarsus Supporting Director: Mickey Reece
Retired Lead Director Benjamin Ward
BOLO Supporting Director: Mickey Reece
Believe Supporting Director: Paul Mignot
Running Deer Supporting Director: Brent Ryan Green
Mickey and Me Supporting Director: Mickey Reece
A Destructive Manner Supporting Director: James Paulsgrove
Sovereign Medical Group Football referee King Hollis
Vincent Anthony Jewelry Husband Retrospec Films
Oklahoma Fidelity Bank Business Owner Producer Paul Wizikowski
Firelake Grand Casino Lead Chris Forza Productions
Taco Mayo Customer Ackerman / McQueen Productions
Grand Casino Hotel and Resort Blackjack Dealer Chris Forza Productions
Remington Firearms Versa Max Shotgun Turkey Hunter Director: Kent Hammond
Knipplemier Chevrolet Police Officer Director J.C. Bowers
CCW Safe Lead / Bad Guy Director: Mike Darter
CCW Safe # 2 Lead / Bad Guy Director Mike Darter
University of Oklahoma Drama - Julius Caesar - 2012 Military Technical Advisor

Acting For the Camera                               The Actor Factory          Darryl Cox
Advanced Acting For the Camera                The Actor factory           Darryl Cox
Audition For Film & TV workshop                 The Actor Factory         Chris Freihofer
Audition For Film & TV Class                       The Actor Factory         Chris Freihofer
Improv level 1 & 2                                     The Actor Factory         Topher Owens
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